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Viewing Order and Tracking

Order Confirmation

You'll receive two emails after you place your order and provide us with a valid email address:

The first confirms that your order was received
The second confirms that your order was shipped from our warehouse.

Order Status

To view or edit your order, visit online Order Status and log in with your account and password.

Online Order Status features include:

Check order status
Track a shipment
View order history
Print an invoice
On the Your Orders page, an order status message displays above each of your items. Order status messages include:

Pending - We have not received your payment for the order. You can edit your order details by contacting our Customer Service.
Processing - We have received your payment and the order is subject to payment verification.
Payment Authenticated-Verified - We have verified your payment and your item(s) will be prepared soon.
Process Shipment - We are preparing your item(s) to ship. While your item(s) is/are being prepared, we are unable to edit your order details.
Partially Shipped - Your order has been shipped. However, there are some items out of stock. Our Customer Service will contact you for your further instruction. A tracking number will be updated in online Order Status.
Complete - Your item(s) has/have been shipped. A tracking number will be updated in online Order Status.

Track a shipment

As soon as your item(s) have shipped, we'll send you a Shipment Notification email that includes your carrier and a carrier tracking number.
You can also view shipping and delivery information in online Order Status. Click Track Shipment and the Shipment Status window will display the tracking number and shipping address. If you ordered multiple items, you may have separate tracking information for each item.
To ensure safe delivery, most shipments require a signature on delivery.

Stock availability and Back Order Items

In order to process the order in an efficient way, we will ship the available items first and back order the unavailable items. The back order shipment would NOT cost you any extra shipping charges. Your back order will be shipped as the first priority once the items back in stock.

Cancel Order

*If the customers cancelled the order at any circumstance, there will have 10% surcharge of the order.*

You can cancel your order by contact us. However, order cannot be canceled once it was already packed or shipped. Once it is shipped, no refund will be made for items or shipping costs. If you are unable to cancel item(s) and need to make a return, please review the Returns & Refunds.

View or Print Invoice

You can view and print invoices for your item(s) in your account.

To view or print your invoice, log in and click the "Print Invoice" button. You will get a printable image of your invoice(s).